Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chinese (Sichuan) Opera

So after a much needed nap for Mateo and Hannah Ershu...(isn't she so sweet and pretty?) we headed to dinner with our guide. 

On the walk to dinner we saw this leather store and thought the name "Bull Heaven" was quite ironic! :)
Dinner was great and Josh finally found his spicy/mouth, lip, and tounge numbing dinner!  Mateo and Hannah were pretty grumpy from their naps and Hannah was sitting next to me, but turned away most of dinner. 

But as soon as we got to the Opera and the lights and music started, they were on the edges of their seats (literally!) the whole time!

We all loved it and we are so happy that we splurged to see such a special, traditional art form from Sichuan.  Though it was 9:30pm, the kids were happy and wired! 

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