Wednesday, November 7, 2012 of cutest, squishest, most adorable animals in the world!

I just want to squish them! SQUISH THEM, SQUISH THEM, SQUISH THEM!!!  What a privilege to see such beautiful animals up close!  So fun and playful!

This is my favorite from the I will start with it!
 We spent the most time watching 7 "teenage" 2-3 year old bears...they were very entertaining!
 He definitely got himself into this predicament!  And it was nerve wracking and hilarious to watch him figure it out...he ended up getting some "help" from a friend.

 These baby pandas were 3 months old!  So Cute!
I am pretty sure he would fit in our bag!! Please can we keep him?

 The weather was perfect for Panda Viewing!  It was cool and misting, just how they like it.  And it was our first breath of "fresher" air!  And it was beautiful, green and peaceful!

They also had red pandas there...they were all sleeping, but their color was striking!

Family picture at the end.

Waiting to be picked up.
 Hannah's new loot.

There were also some funny signs and interesting bathrooms.  This is called a squatty potty...and they are the standard toilet for China.  This was in the men's restroom in the middle of the park.  Josh and Mateo used this one, and I got to use a fancy toilet, but I did end up having to use one of these squatty potties at the opera theater tonight....lets just say I chickened out 2 times before deciding I needed to find a way to make it work!

 And Emily brought me to the fancier restroom at the end near the museum.  This was so over the top, I just had to take a picture.  I did not use any of the fancy options, but it did have a very heated seat...along with the warning in the instructions posted next that you should not sit too long or you could be burned.

When we got back, Emily took us to an authentic local restaurant, where we had wonderful food and got to try a couple of Chengdu specialties.  One was tea smoked duck, head, neck and all!  At the end of the meal, we asked if anyone actually eats the head.  She said yes, just not the bill, but that the brain is very good, and considered a treat.  Who could resist?  We all tried a nibble to say we did, but it actually tasted like smoked cream cheese :)  Really!  Never really thought I would ever be able to say I ate smoked duck brain...but it wasn't bad.  

After lunch we came back to the hotel and napped.  And then we headed to dinner and the Sichuan Opera.  It was great and amazing and I will have to post about it later!! I am exhausted!  Hannah Ershu woke up from her nap pretty sad, and all through dinner, though I sat by her she was turned away from me.  But Emily is doing a great job of talking to her and encouraging her.  Then by the time the Opera started she was so excited to see it, and then when it was over, she has been happy ever since.  She even tried 6 new English words tonight on her own accord when we got home.  It will probably be like this for a while...lots of ups and downs...we will all make it through!  Good Night!


  1. Maria,
    I saw your reply to my comment. NingNing will be SO excited to get that letter, but I also imagine it will bring up some sad feelings as well. I wonder why the foster brother wasn't up for or chose to be adopted...I may ask NingNing that. I'll watch my email, as Mandy has it and we still email once in awhile. We've asked to Skype with the brother, even on the weekend, but the answer was no pretty much.
    Over the last 2 weeks, something has changed..N is using much more English at home lately and is beginning to show us his silly side. We even found out he has a political opinion...Obaaammmma, he says! Well, he was right about that!
    So sorry to hear about ErShu grieving, but it is very normal if she was so attached to her foster mom, as well as her distancing herself a bit from you. She most likely feels disloyal to her foster mom if she allows herself to feel too much for you too soon. She looks like such a sweetie; makes me want to go back! I am glad NingNing did not grieve, but I realized it meant he did not have attachments to grownups, only his peers. I think things are going well in that department so far, though he may never be touchy-feely or totally comfortable with kisses and hugs, but neither is our bio 15-year old!
    Did you get your ears cleaned yet at the park; it's a Chengdu custom!

  2. OH MY! Those pandas are SOOOOO adorable. They've always been a favorite of mine. Especially those newborns... Awwwww... so glad you guys got to go see them! You guys are doing amazing, especially being realistic about Hannah Ershu's beginning relationship with you. I hear that is a common experience especially with an older child. You're doing great... Proud of you and praying for you all.