Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wide and Narrow Alley

Yesterday morning (before we visited her finding spot) we went to the Wide and Narrow Alleys.  They are to parallel roads or alleys that are connected by 2 couple of crossways.  It is a wonderful look at the old architecture and way people used to live.  The sun came out for the first time and though there were plenty of people, it seemed like life slowed down a bit, as we strolled through these alleys.  It was a wonderful time!

 I love Hannah Ershu's smile in this one!

 Beautiful wheat sugar treats (art)... this one is a dragon,  we also saw a butterfly one.

 These are a favorite Chengdu treat...rabbit head, in spicy and not spicy...and believe it or not this is considered women is not manly enough.  Funny, huh?

 At a tea house (open courtyard setting), Josh stopped for local coffee.  They had a piano there that Emily asked permission for us to play (Emily is taking lessons and wanted to hear Mateo play).  Mateo was too embarrassed, but Hannah loved it and we all played the only l or 2 snippets that we know how to play.  But...Emily has learned to play "O Holy Night" (Emily's and my favorite song) and we were singing along...Yes we are in China and we were singing about Jesus's birth! :)  Also sang/hummed for her How Great Thou other favorite.

 This moment was precious to me as a mom!  We stopped to listen to this nice older lady and man who were playing music and she was singing.  The lady watched us as we walked back, and then I decided to go back and take a picture.  She kindly jumped up and motioned for Ershu to come over and hold the instrument.  This was precious to me, because though we get a lot of stares, most of them when they see Ershu, turn to disgust or distain, I am assuming due to her obvious special needs.  (I was going to post about this later)  This lady was the first (of course besides Emily) to be kind and accepting of our sweet daughter!  Her husband even jumped up and took a picture!  She was so sweet!

 A cat stretched out sunbathing.

 The Chinese characters say Wide and Narrow.  (I decided to not stand next to Josh for this photo :) ha ha)

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