Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like new...

The thing that amazes me (Maria) the most about yesterday, is how Ershu has handled it.  We were so worried that by going there and talking about it, she would grieve very hard.  Maybe she would even withdrawal completely from everything or from us.  We were careful not to tell her earlier, so she wouldn't worry or get too upset.  And when we got there we were still unsure if we should tell her where we were, and just take a picture, or if we should ask if she remembers something.  We definitely didn't want to hurt her more!  We also realize that this might be the only chance to visit here, and the only chance (for a long while) with someone she trusts who can translate for her.  So we nervously you remember being here? She did...and she started sharing the details she remembered.  The first thing out...was about a little dog that was "right over there" all day, and that it was hot.  Then she went on...  But she didn't cry.  She continued so bravely and she let Emily and Daddy and Mommy hold her and touch her.  And we got to emotionally tell her that we (her new Baba and Mama) would NEVER leave her or abandon her!  And the amazing thing is she seems like a 100 pound weight has been lifted from her (and she is only 60lbs)!  All evening she has seemed like a new child!  Joyful and carefree!  She has probably never told anyone these things (in her paperwork it says when she first got there she didn't speak about it, and when asked didn't remember... sounded like she was in shock and it took her a while to settle in) Could you imagine, the scariest day of your life, and you haven't been able to tell anyone about it (either because you were in shock, and then because after a while no one asked) for 5.5 years? 

Thank you God for working everything out, so we could share this moment of redemption with Hannah Ershu.  In the very spot that she was abandoned and lied to by her father...we stood there and promised her a new life in our family forever!  You can see how God orchestrated everything...  Emily told us that because of the location of the address (a police station in the outskirts of this huge city where it is much more crowded and hard)...most drivers wouldn't take us there...or wouldn't know how to find the address, because they would be unfamiliar with the area.  But our driver agreed today (though not without charging us an extra 100rbm-best money ever spent!) because his brother is a policeman in this station, so he was more familiar with the area and was able to find the address.  We also believe that God gave us the perfect guide!  Emily has been very attentive and accepting of Ershu!  She cares a lot, and has spent the whole week building the trust of Ershu, while she has helped us try to prepare her for her transition with us, and ask her how she is doing along the way.  I believe because of this, how wonderful Emily is, Ershu felt safe to share, understanding that we all cared for her and we wanted to listen. To comfort her for the bad things and the pain of what had happened!

On the ride home she held my hand, and a couple of times she remembered another detail that she would tell Emily...about the lady her found her and brought her into the police station, about her ride to the orphanage and the first few things she did there.  It was 3:30pm when we got back to the hotel, and we were all tired and drained except for Ershu :).  So Josh played Uno with Mateo and her...So much fun and laughter!!!  And then Emily came back up to the room around 5:30 and we checked the paperwork that we will bringing on to Guangzhou (today- Friday.  We leave tonight).  We were considering going to dinner and having some Hot Pot with Emily...but we (even Emily) were all emotionally and physically drained, so we said good night to her and we just had dinner in the hotel.  During this visit with Emily in our room, Ershu was so cheerful and generous!  She wanted to show Emily her photo book of her family! :)  US!  The photo book we had sent her when we first got to tell her we were adopting her.  She also wanted to share her drink with Emily and we got her a glass to have some in.  Then they clipped them together and Emily said "Cheers to rebirth"...   Shortly after this...(my favorite part of the day)  Ershu came up to me with her arms wide open and asking for a hug!!!  Of course no one else saw it!!  Really we are all standing in the same small hotel room ? :)  Oh well I told them all about it because I was so excited!  Thank you Jesus!


  1. Lynn sent me a link to your blog and I happily joined to see how it is going. Remember, I am Jonathan's mom and we adopted a daughter in China who is now 16. Hannah is a lovely girl! Best wishes as you continue your journey!! I was so touched by what you have written so far.

  2. No words dear Maria, only tears, tears of joy and tears of sadness. Oh my... God bless you my friend and God bless your incredible, amazing Ershu!!!